Heritage Roofing Ct is a specialized service of Heritage Home Improvements a family owned and operated remodeling company. Our immediate family has been in the business of restoring Connecticut homes and businesses for over 44 years now. But our family Heritage in the remodeling industry goes back to Stratford, CT circa 1924 on Honeyspot Rd. were our family heritage in Roofing started. We were a family of Masons, Carpenters, Roofers, and Lath & Plasterers the drywallers of their day.

Rich Sr. started out in 1971 working for some local siding and roofing companies before deciding to go on his own around 1975. With many hours of hard work and years of determination he grew the business, one job at a time... one piece of equipment at a time..
By 1988 Rich Jr. was fresh out of high school and ready to join the family business. Working side by side for 20 years they grew their business and reputation by doing quality work and helping homeowners fulfill all their restoration needs.

By 2009 Rich Sr has semi-retired and Rich Jr after 24 years in the business has taken the family business to the next step..and still growing.

Heritage is what our family and our business is all about..
Personalized serviceno sales reps Quality, Reliability, Honesty. Our family depends on it!
Rest assured when you contact Heritage Roofing Ct you will get nothing less!!!
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Heritage Roofing Images
Heritage Roofing Images
Heritage Roofing Images
Heritage Roofing Images
Heritage Roofing Images
Heritage Roofing Images
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